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Jan 20 12

5 Advantages of a Mild Winter

by Michael

For many years I have consulted the Farmer’s Almanac for a fun, if not always reliable, look into the near future of our weather.  Yes, without shame I admit that, as an amateur writer, I enjoy consulting the popular “bully pulpit” of notable writers from Nostradamus to Benjamin Franklin. As a former mountain resort lodge owner, I wanted a glimpse into the weather future.  I would turn first to regions 16 and 14 with hopes that plenty of those little white dollar signs would fall from the sky and keep my lodge rooms and vacation homes filled.  Now as a remodeling contractor, operating as Licensed Home Improvement, I hope for clear skies and roads so that I can spend more time improving homes rather than shoveling that marvelous white stuff that stimulates our local economy. As I write this in early January the trusty old almanac has so far been… [Read More]

Jan 18 12

Winterfest and Snowshoe the Bear

by Rick

A couple cool events (pardon the pun) are coming up in February; The XOS Winterfest (3-4) and Snowshoe the Bear (25). Winterfest takes place the first weekend in February. It’s a new event that brings together Music, Sports and Fashion under one roof with the added concept of a Female vs Male competition in all areas. The music being presented is very promising with big name DJ’s set to perform in a gigantic tent in the Village. Brazilian born DJ/Actress/Supermodel Tatiana Fontes is a world class talent with huge international following. The headliner representing the Male side is DJ Revolvr who has been a fixture on the House Music scene. And that’s just the start with another half dozen DJ’s also contributing as well as an ongoing fashion show. Music takes place both Friday and Saturday night. Daytime on Saturday will comprise of kid’s snow play activities, vendor booths and… [Read More]

Oct 19 11

Freshening your Mountain Home for the Holidays

by Patti

Many homeowners tend to go over the top with their mountain décor, leaving few options for changing tastes and updating styles down the road, or just for the Holidays. Luckily there are many easy ways to make a mountain home seem “lodgy” without investing in smiling bears and fish on the shower curtain. While it may not be feasible to decorate your vacation home for each individual Holiday consider these simple, inexpensive tips for freshening your getaway spot. Purge – eliminate clutter, toss worn, faded or broken accessories. If you are tired of it- toss it! Prune – overgrown shrubs and trees, remove thick pine needle coverage Clean – rotate mattresses, flip sofa cushions, wash throws, wash windows, shine the front door knob Color – embrace the hues of the season with front a door wreath and a dining centerpiece Add a new tablecloth to the dining table Place new… [Read More]